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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Across Town and Around the World -- guest blogger Su (Event #19)

I had thought our mad dash from the Woodruff to L5P was a feat, but this past Saturday we hoofed it (metaphorically anyway) from the east side of the perimeter to Downtown for Theatrical Outfit’s Around the World in 80 Days. Metro-Atlanta epitomizes sprawl for many new urbanists. For the rest of us, that sprawl means a trip across town can seem as far and as exhausting as, ahem, a trip around the world…

In reality, however, nothing in the metro area is that far away. Take the trip.

The versatile, talented actors under Clint Thorton’s deft, seamless direction made their “80 day” trip look effortless and our trip entirely worthwhile. I am not here to write a review and, full disclosure, my company performs at The Balzer Theater—BUT this show was terrific. Theater, at its best, is about the actors, the director, the designers, the audience, and their collective imagination converging on a well-written script. I can appreciate the talents behind expensive, beautiful productions but will always prefer simple stagings where the heart of a show and the creative talents behind it shine through. This production surely shines with its five member cast portraying over 30 characters in a fully-realized world (complete with elephant!) brought to life with hotel luggage carts and a handful of smartly chosen props. I promise you’ll be entertained by its creativity and hilarity.

A postscript to keep up with keif’s food motif: Since an errand took us to the east side of the perimeter, we stopped at Bambinelli’s for the tasty manicotti. Bonnie Bambinelli’s personality is as warm and welcoming as her grandmother’s amazing red sauce (gravy?), and her accent makes me feel at home due to all the Italian-Americans I grew up around in New Jersey. Yummm… comfort food.

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