GOArts is short for Georgia Open Arts Month which takes place each October.
It's a collective campaign to raise awareness about arts in our area.

Last October, I took up a challenge to see 31 shows in 31 days and blog about it... in the end, I saw 41.
Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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I'm not a reviewer, nor am I an art critic.
I aim to raise public awareness about the great tapestry of arts & culture in our area and inspire you to get out there and enjoy it.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ohhhh, they are MUCH more than marionettes! (Prelude to Events #14 & #15)

It's pretty well established that the Center for Puppetry Arts is a real treasure. Here's a link to their "About Us" webpage to give you an overview of some of the things they do.

I will be at the Center at 10am this morning to see Jon Ludwig's Dinosaurs and then I'm gonna' stick around and make a dinosaur puppet of my own. Wednesday evening I'm attending the
The Ghastly Dreadfuls II: Handbook of Practical Hauntings and Other Phantasmagoria in preparation for their October 15 Opening.

Both of these shows run into November and I'll follow up with more info later.

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