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I aim to raise public awareness about the great tapestry of arts & culture in our area and inspire you to get out there and enjoy it.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Warp (Events #20 & #21)

Two Shakespeare productions back to back… and murderous ones, at that!   Julius Ceasar and Richard III are showing now at Georgia Shakespeare and the Shakespeare Tavern, respectively.  You can expect a great show at both places.  Here’s the point I would like to emphasize having seen these two performance one right after the other---It is pretty damn cool that we can see productions of Shakespeare's work run the gamut in AtlantaWhat do you mean, keif?  Well, what I mean is that you go to the Tavern and see Shakespeare done in Original Practice on a stage reminiscent of the Globe Theatre and then you go out to Georgia Shakespeare and see contemporary and innovative interpretations of the Bard’s work.  That we can see Shakespeare’s work excellently performed across a spectrum right here in town (and on the same day if you choose to do so) is quite an amazing thing.  I believe that both styles of presentation inform and enhance our appreciation and understanding of Shakespeare’s work and the relevancy it still has today.

Brutus, meet Richard.  Richard, Brutus.
(Images Neal Ghant as Marcus Brutus, courtesy Georgia Shakespeare.  Drew Reeves as Richard III, courtesy Atlanta Shakespeare Company)

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