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Last October, I took up a challenge to see 31 shows in 31 days and blog about it... in the end, I saw 41.
Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Those Superstars at the Legacy Theatre Want You to Know... (Event #8)

Austin (Theo):
What's up guys!! You gotta come see our show it's hilarious, trust me I KNOW!! (You'll come to find what I mean by that when you see the show!) ;-)

Benjamin (Kicker):
You will love this show! It is my favorite play ever!

Paige (Joanna):
This show was so cool to do! After our 2nd rehearsal the cast were already a family. Everyone is so amazing and supportive-luv ya guys!

Austin (Theo)
Yeah, like Paige said, we felt so close together, we would always be laughing with each other and everyone is just so nice to each other.

Maddie (Iris)
I love that name, iris :)
This show is so Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
paige is a sister, Brent is an older brother, and kicker and theo are like siblings :)

Brent (Brett):
Hilarious, I know? Haha. Well, I'm the oldest person in the cast. :-) And, I'm not gonna lie, when I first walked into rehearsal, I thought that I wasn't going to be able to connect with the cast, but I did. It took like one day, and then we were like family. I've known Paige the longest, and she's like my sister. Iris is like Paige's best friend, who happens to be my friend too, but Paige doesn't like it so much. Haha. Kidding. Austin is like the little guy who is so cool so we hang out with him. And then Ben... oh word... Ben is like my little brother, Chad. Actually, they're the same person. I'm pretty sure!! But on another note, this show is so great and I'm going to be really sad when it's over in 3 weeks (I HAVE SEVERE SEPARATION ISSUES, not kidding...) but alas we have 3 weeks left. It'll be awesome. Come see Children's Letter's to God!!!!! :-) Thanks!

keif (keif):
Yeah, like if you are planning to come see this show, you're gonna' have a great time. When I heard these guys sing and harmonize, I was blown away. You can really tell that they are having a great time on the stage. I will tell you that the technical and production crew are having a great time, too. Positive energy professionally done by the entire cast and crew.

The production opens tonight, Friday Oct. 9, and runs until October 25th. From Avondale Estates (on ATL's eastside) it will take you 35-45 mins. to get to the theater---it was easy.
(Pictured above: Maddy, Ben, Paige, Brent and Austin. Photo courtesy of The Legacy Theatre.)

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