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Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Art That Will Make You Laugh" - LIVE BLOGGING (Event #3)

Hey everyone.... this is a family friendly event--NOT an adults only event. Laughing Matters @ Manuels Tavern right now. Bring the little ones! Remember, the family that laughs together, um... um, uh, laughs together.

8:40pm - Bank Robbery / funny
cxxxxxxx.done as a Western / funny
xxxxxxxx done in Italian / pretty damn funny -- a 7 out of 10
xxxxxxxx done as Techno / homerun! a hillarious 10

8:55pm - Tele Mundo, Univision, watch out... it's the Laughing Matters spanish soap opera AND los commerciales.

9:00pm - Music... they have musical accompniment (sp.) They're doing reggae at the North Pole. Seriously, though... no I mean it, really, there has been music throughout the whole show and it has contributed equally to the funny. A total package.

9:10pm - Halftime. The company is taking a break and our waitress has just announced the dessert menu and my veggie berger is getting cold 'cuz i type so slow. So, I'm gonna' hand it over to the Dread Pirate Lainey to live blog the second act. Cheers. keif

Lainey here: I just want to share that my favorite quote from act one of the show tonight so far is "This is my loyal dog Chickbiscuit." I am a tech assisstant for Laughing Matters here at the show tonight.

9:21 and were back
Laughing Matters is also available the third Saturday of every month at The Academy Theatre called Battle Acts. 8 improvisers start, and only one survives. They also do school shows, workshops, and team building, and a new cowboy shootout show [you'll have to ask for details! 404-225-5000]

185 [Bad Comedians]
"185 jars of Mayo walk into a state fair and they head straight for the back where they have all the construction paper and glue and stuff. They wanted to make stuff because they are Kraft-y"
(You see what we're dealing with here. A laugh is as good as a groan!) Condiments, pipes, toothpastes all walk into bars.
"185 toothpastes walk into a classroom and sit down and they read their teacher's name tag and all say," Hi Gene!" [get it, Hygiene?! Haha!] I thought it was funny!

Pitch it: Tommy's a producer to whom they must pitch movies, hilarity insues!
rolling rolling rolling, wasps of peace, Hornet: a superhero, Wasps of Peace II: The Reckoning, Eternity Hijinks, Tyler Perry's When in the World am I Going to Stop, Pigs of Glory [Wilbur's brother's untold story], Poptart Wars, Disney's Blood Gun Furies [yes, they went there!]

Improvisor Marc Farley has left the room because he has invented something and will have to guess from questions asked. He has invented the Nature Pen, as suggested by the audience. Other improvisors will pose questions and audience will let Marc know as he is getting closer by snapping and clapping when he gets it right.
. ."You've invented so many things that they call you a 'fountain' of inventions."
. .Jared recommends using the downstairs bathroom.
. .Jacques Cousteau asks "Is your invention inspired by a frightened squid?"
He gets pen, now he has to guess what kind of pen...ooooh. he wants to talk about the layers within the pen...[I'm not quite sure] Ooh he's getting close, calling it a 'green' pen.
. .Surf News Times asks "I love your pen, love using it outside." [ok, so it isn't a question but it's funny!]
. . Mart Stouffer wants to talk about roaming around outside with the bears in the wilderness...[will he get it?!] Nope--not honey, Marc. Keep trying!
Not edible either, Marc. [We could be here for breakfast at this rate!]
Yay! He finally got it! A Nature Pen!!!! Huzzah!

Moving Bodies:
Using two audience members who will be moving the actors around the scene, should we have the lawyers on speed dial? Nah, they'll be ok! Location where the ceiling is only four feet tall: a fritzl house [don't ask me, I'm not sure either!]
. . Hans and Fritz, have a dilemma. And you know sometimes the audience member (the MOVER) listens to the actors and sometimes he doesn't, either or it's quite funny! Apparently The Fritz House is a restaurant.
. . "there is a crowd of people waiting to come in, and we must prepare the silverware."
. . "Run Hans, to the kitchen!!" [That would be the audience member's cues to move them!]
[German accents make just about anything funny, in this case they just make it funnier!]

9:56 Last Song: tofu, eat more chicken . . . style: doowap, and hip hop chorus [oh boy!]
. . "I like to eat my chicken Cause it's finger lickin' " [Chorus]
. . "If you try to serve it to me I'll get skippy!"
. . "I like to visit the Colonel on the daily, shor-tay!" [Doowap hiphop, who knew?!]
Jared wonders if this bizarre doo-wap-hip-hop hybrid is the next big thing or an abomination to mankind. Lainey wonders if it is just the way Laughing Matters rolls, shor-tay!
Jared had no idea Jamie had such filthy thoughts about chicken. This is blackmail material.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, we are Laughing Matters, goodnight!"

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