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It's a collective campaign to raise awareness about arts in our area.

Last October, I took up a challenge to see 31 shows in 31 days and blog about it... in the end, I saw 41.
Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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I'm not a reviewer, nor am I an art critic.
I aim to raise public awareness about the great tapestry of arts & culture in our area and inspire you to get out there and enjoy it.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Your Thoughts About the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition

Lost in Yonkers said...

As one of your friends who accompanied you to this event, I gotta say that you captured the event, observers, and the work perfectly. Like many, I have been fascinated by Da Vinci and his genius. As a scientist with some art and music background, Da Vinci reconfirmed by belief that science goes hand in hand with creativity.
One of my all time favorite quotes is by Einstein.."Imagination is more important than knowledge." Da Vinci's notes and art shows us this.


  1. As I am reading this blog, I keep thinking: "Oh! I want to see that!"

    I wonder if you could do 365 events in 365 days (just kidding). You are an arts calendar...with narration.

    Keep it up!

  2. would LOVE to... was just saying tonight how alive it makes me feel to see and experience art and cultural events, especially when sharing and discussing and deconstructing the experience. :o)