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Last October, I took up a challenge to see 31 shows in 31 days and blog about it... in the end, I saw 41.
Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monkey Business -- LIVEBLOGGING (Event #38)

Ten minutes til' Dress Rehearsal begins (at 9pm)...  What are you doing online?  C'mon over to the show.  Company member Cathy Poley, the Who of "who's there?" says "We have so much fun doing this show."  She's right. In the run-up to this rehearsal they were really having a great time with one another.  Also, the Chromatics are here performing live.

Let me introduce you to Aaron Gotlieb, Co-Executive Producer of  Dancing Monkey Cabaret (DMC),  who is a puppeteer and actor and my host for the evening.
Ok, so we're getting ready to put this whole thing together for the first time. All the pieces have been rehearsed but it's always exciting to see it all at once! I'll try to come back and chat throughout, but it all depends on what unexpected little wrinkles pop up. When you guys get out here tomorrow it'll all be smooth sailing! -- Aaron
And now... it's show time!

Dancing with the Stars like you've never seen it before... and maybe you'd like to see.
Cathy's Horrible House of Horrors... oh soooo scary.
The Chromatics and Kristina Baade do a little Spooky for us
Rise & Shine morning show... turnabout is fairplay!
The loveable and affiable Scarface takes a sacrificial virgin from the audience to Skullcrusher Mountain
The Undead Stand-up Comedian... oh soooo funny.
And now, for the CULTURAL portion of this performance... Poe's The Raven
Company member Enisha Brewster knows Where I've Been

. . . . . ~ INTERMISSION ~  the cast is Trick or Treating for YouthPride... pony-up, folks!
Dancing Monkey Cathy Here - This is such a fun show to be in. My main character throughout is based on my life in high school. I thought I was cool and goth, but really I was way too happy to be goth. The show has surprises. At one point Aaron is supposed to scare me by pulling out an object and it is different each night., So I never know if it will be a rubber bat or a severed hand!
Aaron Here - Well, keeps her on her toes! In fact, tomorrow, it might be a bag of toes, who knows. So Act one zoomed by, we're collecting for YouthPride right now as people have their treats out in the lobby. Act two has plenty of surprises left!

Second Act begins and The Chromatics swing us back in...  Kristina is back now, too. Together, they rock us with a bit of Heart and Magic Man.
Aaron thanks the Dancing Monkey Sponsors and Supporters
The Dating Game - Frank, Casper and Edward (yeah, that Edward)
Cathy tries again to be Scary...real life scary, and tells why It's Hard to be Goth When You're Happy
Next skit - THEREMIN - the sound that makes it scary.
Aaron, Harry and Walter by Topher Payne
The Dancing Monkey Electric Chair is used to conjure spirits... guess who they bring back?!!

. . . . . ~ That's a wrap! ~  Come out and see all this Monkey Business for yourself! Enjoy!

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