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Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At The Contemporary - LIVE BLOGGING (Event #6)

I've been over here at The Contemporary since lunchtime [and today's lunch was recommended by local artist, Hope Hilton: Pesto Grilled Cheese sandwich from Octane, a 1/2 mile walk from here up Marietta Street. The ATL skyline to the east, on the other side of the North/South Connector, parallels your walk to this much favored coffee shop].

Can I just say how v. cool Harry Shearer's exhibition is?! Absolutely brilliant and timely. You may be thinking... Harry Shearer, hmmmm.... harry sher... is he that guy who?? Yes, he is that guy. He'll be at The Contemporary for a re-scheduled lecture fairly soon.

Now for the comparison/contrast that I set out to do: (refer to
previous entry for Met the Genius)
I found many parallels in
Will Rogan's Remnant World exhibition today and the Da Vinci exhibition yesterday. The most obvious was the small size of Rogan's photographs and the need to get close to to note all the details in each image that was similar to Da Vinci's work. Seeing all of them together in context strengthened the presentation similar to the presentation at the High. Rogan's silver gelatin photographs depict a retro black and white aesthetic and the old-looking quality made me think of the brown ink gesture drawings and motifs in the Da Vinci exhibition.

There are certainly deeper aspects to my comparisons/contrasts and I had a chance to compare notes with Jennifer Long, the Membership and Education Coordinator at The Contemporary. The two of us ran into each other at the High's exhibition yesterday. I'm hoping she'll have a chance to post her impressions of the works we've examined over the past few days.

The Contemporary has free admission on Thursdays with extended hours until 8pm. Do yourself a favor and pop in there this Thursday or next and see these current exhibitions and others. Be sure to create a Fundred dollar bill for a really good cause while you're there... you are just gonna' have to ask about the one.

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  1. Funny what a small town Atlanta can be. Or what a small world it is.. I met Keif at the Foundation Center's Resource Market for the Arts (great networking obviously) on Monday then ran into her again later that day at the High (I'm a sucker for free). I've been intrigued by her commitment to experience 31 days of art in Atl. Hope she had some coffee w/her lunch at Octane yesterday!

    As for the Da Vinci drawings at the High and Will Rogan's photos at the Contemporary, size does matter. There is amazing detail to be seen and examined in both. No need for magnifying glasses here however. Rogan sheds a bright light on his work in our gallery. Come see for yourself.