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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Singing & Dancing (Prelude to Events #10 & #11)

Where will you be tonight? If you haven't made plans yet, remember that the Emory Community Choral Festival will take place at Emory University's Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. The event brings together four of Atlanta's many choral organizations--that means 4x your entertainment value and it won't cost you a thing to attend or park. With that kind of savings, you can pay ahead for tickets to the next event of any of the four companies that will be singing...the Atlanta Sacred Chorale, the Atlanta Boy Choir, Just Voices and The Georgia Festival Chorus. If you don't get the tickets, then at least purchase a few CD's and support your local tenors, contra-altos, and the rest of the crew. If you do go, be sure to look for Joe Winter. He'll be the one who gets a Tweet or two out from the event. He'll blog about it here a little later.

As for me... I'll be doing double duty tonight! It starts with Event #10 -- Twyla Tharp's Come Fly With Me presented by The Alliance Theatre. This is a big deal for those of us in the dance community. Tharp and her company set a gold bar standard and it comes from a deep commitment to their craft and untold hours of work. It's exciting that The Alliance and the Woodruff Arts Center are strongly behind this production. There are four more performances of Come Fly With Me: today, Oct. 10 at 2:30 & 8pm and tomorrow at 2:30 & 7:30pm. It is not too late to witness the remarkable skill and beauty Twyla and her team have brought to the stage.

If you have already seen Come Fly With Me and liked it, I hope you'll continue to support dance in this region. Emory, the Rialto and the Ferst Center are notable for the top caliber and diverse dance performances they bring to this city. Kennesaw State, Agnes Scott, Spelman, Emory, Brenau University and the Univ. of Georgia have reputable dance programs where one can earn a Dance Degree. The Atlanta Ballet turns 8o this year and The Georgia Ballet turns 50; both offer us a range of dance options from the classical traditions to contemporary presentations. Dance that celebrates cultural richness is represented in our area, as well, by companies like ANAMICA, AIRE Flamenco, Giwayen Mata, Atlanta Chinese Dance Company, Ballethnic, Jahara Phoenix Dance Company, and Manga African Dance. And, in addition to these organizations, there are 27 other local contemporary, liturgical, modern and ballet companies I have not listed. If you are interested in staying abreast of the local dance scene, then be sure to check out the fledgling Atlanta Dances blog or ATL Dance Source.

Onto Event #11 -- HAIR. We all know what it's about... we don't, however, necessarily know what 7 Stages' Director Del Hamilton has up his sleeve. All I can say is the Tribe in Little Five Points late on a Saturday Night... are you kidding me?? Welcome Home!---this could be more than an musical, I think it's gonna' be an event. I expect a lotta' love to spill out into the streets when the doors of 7 Stages fly open. As of this posting there are only 50 tickets left to the and those are for the 10:30pm show only.

Sydney Ellis and the folks at 7 Stages invite you to enjoy the many delicious coffee offerings (as well as beer, wine, and pastries) you'll find at Java Lords in the lobby of 7 Stages. See you at the show!

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  1. Wish I was going to Twyla Tharp! I'll have to read your post instead.