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Last October, I took up a challenge to see 31 shows in 31 days and blog about it... in the end, I saw 41.
Sure, it was a bit tiring but it was also an amazing opportunity.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

You Look Stunning (Event #9)

Ya' know, I don't really get dressed up very often but this was one of those times. And as such, I wasn't going to waste it on a drive-thru at Taco Bell. I splurged a bit and even treated my guest and myself to valet parking -- I've always been treated so well by valets, I think they find it pretty funny to park the work truck, with tools and gear under feet... maybe even funnier to see me step out of it.

As you approach the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, itself an objet d'art, anticipation builds and is met when you step inside. The audience, orchestra, performance space, setting, costumes, and the performers themselves all bring something very special to the experience. The opera is an elegant affair from start to finish and that's part of the allure.

To make that experience more palpable, costumes created for the Atlanta Opera and worn in their productions are on display at every performance this year! Pictured here, members of the Lewis family stand beside Soprano Erin Wall's costume from TAO's 2008 production of Cold Sassy Tree based on Olive Ann Burns' novel of the same name set in Georgia.

The Lewis children have already seen three and two performances, respectively, by TAO and are well-informed about each one. It's great to see a family share this kind of experience together.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The sound was wonderful and clear in both locations where I was seated (near the back of orchestra seating and a stage left loge). Sight lines were great at each of those locations, too. I asked for the loge seating specifically to enjoy the Maestro, his orchestra, and the interaction with the performers--I wasn't let down. I felt that the orchestra nicely accompanied the singers and that the singers, soloists and chorus, all engaged the audience. Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore was a bright and fun-loving way for the Atlanta Opera to welcome patrons and guests to the thirtieth season of elegant entertainment. I had a great time.

Oh yeah, instead of eating on the run in the car (truck), my guest and I had dinner at the OK Cafe after the performance--it was icing on the cake!

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